“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value” – Jim Rohn

About Us

LS22websolutions is a company, utilising unique digital marketing solutions that will enable your name and brand to become very well-known and recognisable online and on social media. Your reputation will become second to none in your market.

New technologies and social media marketing trends emerge almost daily and LS22websolutions will enable you to deliver excellent promotion and content posts to search engines and social media. This results in new leads, new customers, a strong and lasting relationship with clients and quite simply, puts you ahead of the game.

Your Firm's Launchpad to a Stellar Reputation!

• You will get ahead of your competition, by LS22websolutions optimising your website for search engines, mobile use, ease of navigation, site security, customer satisfaction and brand identity.
• By applying LS22websolutions techniques, you will climb the ‘rankings’ and generate greater customer interest, leads and profits.
• With our Social Media Marketing you will attain and maintain authority and trust in your marketplace.
• By leveraging your ‘new’ enhanced position, you will significantly gain an edge over your competitors.

How Does It Work?


Send us your company’s details and LS22websolutions will begin a review of your online and offline optimisation.


Competitors in your marketplace will be identified and compared to your performance.


Once the analysis is complete, a written and video review will be prepared for you, detailing how you can improve your standing and potentially overtake your competitors.
Contact Us and we will send you a personal written and/or video review. The report will detail our assessment and ranking of your current performance whilst also identifying at least one ‘Quick Win’ opportunity. This will let you quickly improve your business’s reputation, trust and standing.

Usually: £25 for the written report and £50 for the video report –
(Free for a limited time.)