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How to Find Website Citation

Where can I find website references? We're all pretty sure we've used the Internet at one point or another to get information about a topic, service, product, etc. What happens to our minds as we consider a new topic, service or product? Back before search engines, we might have struggled finding website citations.


In the past, if you wanted a website to be cited, you would have to do some digging and go through hundreds of online article databases. These databases are essentially a vast collection of free articles. You can do this using a dedicated search engine but even then, who knows what you might discover? There are numerous article databases available that provide completely free articles on almost any topic. Think about it: How many articles have been published under your name? It's likely that this number is more than enough to give a variety of website names.


But we now know better. Today, powerful online tools allow you to quickly locate in-text references and website names. You don't even have to scroll through pages and pages of articles. Just enter a website title or description into a search box and you'll instantly be able access to thousands of websites! These in-text references can also be used to help improve your SEO rankings.


How do in-text citations work? First, you must find a reliable source of content. There are many online resources. Once you've found a good resource, you'll want to input the website name or description into the search engine text box. You'll see the search results and links to any related online article databases after you hit enter.


Once you have identified a source you want to cite in-text, Open the text citation management application and click on the + sign in the upper right corner. When prompted, enter the title and a brief description about the material. These should match what you see in the online article. You must match the citation to the resource. For example, if an author is listed as an associate of XYZ Online the reference should also cite XYZ. If you've created your own article and the article/web page is publicly accessible (i.e., on the Internet), you may be asked to include an public citation in your work. This will usually be in boldface at the bottom of your article with the name and URL in parenthesis.


After you've typed in your source and pressed enter, you'll be asked to enter a description of your source (i.e., the website name or article title). Be as detailed and complete as possible, including your URL (which should include the dash). If you are using a blogger as your source of information, include your name and links. The in-text Citation Management Application will ask for a list if websites that are cited within your online article. Once you have created your list it should be easy creating a new one for every new source. Many online citation services offer generators that can help you create your own list.


Last, in the author field, enter the name of your resource to complete your intext citation. If you have one, the source name should be included in the subject line. Click "Save", then submit your article. The submission should take a few seconds. If you are using Acrobat Reader for online article submissions, the citation is displayed right away in your browser when the reader opens the document.


Once you've submitted your online article, you may notice that a number of search engines have picked up on the article and awarded it some recognition. Search engines often list citations in the website name, page title, or index. Search engine spiders will only read the first occurrences of words in your intext citation. This is based upon the words it has found. This is the ideal situation for your online company, increasing your search engine rankings and generating more traffic.


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