We are often asked how LS22websolutions can be so certain in its ability to cultivate 5 Star Reputations for its clients. This brief article explains how...

The truth is, with our origins as a market-focused, client orientated company in a competitive market; a new approach was needed. We apply bespoke tools, marketing tactics and focus; to radically improve a business’s footprint online and offline. This in turn, identifies leads, new customers and increased revenue.

Our holistic approach ensures instant exposure on top ranking sites, social media presence and contribution from various sources. Your site will be mobile friendly, easily navigated and engaging for visitors and regular customers alike.

Do not Forget:

“The probable place people look to find or decide on a business like yours; is online…the future relationship and trust you gain from these potential clients starts before they even walk through your door.”

A common assumption is that trust and a stellar reputation are gained after a service or product has been provided. Do not find out to your cost, that this is a false assumption. You now have a key advantage over your competitors, who do not appreciate and leverage this fact.

What does a prospective client do when looking for a stellar performing business?

1. The first place they will look is online, by utilising one of the popular search engines (not everybody uses Google!) and probably use a mobile device to do so.
2. They will assess the reputation of various businesses at a glance.
3. They will quickly develop their ‘set of preconceived ideas of what they are looking for (before they’ve ‘walked through the door’)…this may only take seconds BUT being in the ‘Google 3 Pack’, analysis indicates prospective customers often look no further.

The Big Mistakes you do not want to make!

Some businesses opt for short-lived marketing tactics. These either; lose their effectiveness quickly, hurting the business’s reputation in the medium to long term, or, even exposing the company to legal action and its consequences.

The Top 3 Most Commonly 'Recommended' (And Risky) Marketing Practices:

• 1. Fake Review Posting
• 2. Aggressive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• 3. Quantity (Not Quality) Based Social Media Exposure
*These tactics completely ignore the scientific and psychological principles involved in the prospective client’s thought process… and can even land a business in legal trouble over time.

This is not to say there are not certain, specific methods you can take advantage of; which leverage Reputation and Visibility correctly, which cultivate Genuine Trust, and those positive, pre-conceived Expectations, in the mind of your prospective clients.

Make Your Business the #1 Choice

Certain proven and specific tactics to LS22websolutions – Based On Scientifically Proven Psychological Triggers – which WILL
Massively Boost The Reputation, Trust & Visibility Of Your Business…
LS22websolutions – Being able to gain an Incomparable Insight into The Practical Techniques that will increase the Visibility, Reputation & Trust of Your Business…leading to more leads, customers and revenue. LS22websolutions details the Specifics in Your Business’s Written Report and Video* Just Submit Your Contact Details below for your Report
*Access to your business’s review report and /or video, is usually priced at £25 and £75 respectively. Since we’re currently expanding our presence; especially in the Leeds, Harrogate and York areas of England, to further strengthen the integrity of our data, if we aren’t already working with a similar business in your area, we’re open to providing your Written Report and /or Video for FREE. So, please enter your area / location in the contact form and we will let you know if you qualify.

We will never compromise our integrity and your profitability, by working with similar companies in the same geographical area.

Why the Written Report and Review Video?

• LS22websolutions aim is for more clicks on your site, greater engagement from customers and potential customers and businesses wanting your service or product.
• We are here to help you and your business to the next ‘level’. We will always work with you; in taking both the small, simple steps (The ‘Quick Wins’) that have the most significant impact in building Stellar Reputations, before taking on more involved, long term consolidation strategies.
• How to be quickly found by many more prospective clients online, whilst setting extremely positive pre-conceived expectation -so they know exactly what you will deliver for them…
• The simple, effective and efficient process in establishing and positioning your business, as having the greatest authority in your area, leading to massive trust from prospective clients…
• Knowing how to effectively and productively deal with sensitive clients who believe all the scare stories and reviews they read online…
• The best ways to encourage clients to spread positive reviews and testimonials of your business to their business associates, friends, family and even strangers…
• A ‘Business-First’ Approach to creating a Stellar reputation online, which ensures you can get substantial results, without placing any extra strain on your existing operations or resources…

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